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User Guide – Owner Action Set

Primary Stakeholder
Title Holder to the project when finished

Primary Responsibilities:
1) Keep the Project’s Build Wallet funded
2) Transfer Funds from the Build Wallet to the Contract Line Items
Note: The Prime Contractor cannot issue Subcontracts without funding
3) Monitor & Approve the work by Phase (as submitted by Prime Contractor)

Task List (in order):
– Project Creation
– Prime Contract Draft
– Pay the Project Activation Fee
– Team Invitation (Prime Contractor & Lender)
– Prime Contract Negotiation & Approval
– Initial Fund of Project’s Build Wallet (or Lender)
– Escrow funds from Build Wallet to Subcontract Wallet
– Phase Approval
– Final Approval for Close-Out & Escrow

Note: Only receives money from the platform when a project is completed and any funds remaining in the Project’s Build Wallet are returned to the Owner’s Wallet.


User Guide – Lender Action Set 

Financial Stakeholder
Direct access to the Project’s Build Wallet for Draw Distribution

Primary Responsibilities:
1) Monitor Project Status
2) Keep the Project’s Build Wallet funded

Task List (in order):
– Accept Project Invitation
– Fund Project’s Build Wallet (repeat as needed)
– Monitor Work (geo-tagged photos & status updates)

Prime Contractor

User Guide – Prime Contractor Action Set

Primary responsibility for project execution

Primary Responsibilities:
1) Setup, execution, and verification of all Subcontracts for Labor and/or Material
2) Completing work inside the Phase and submitting for approval

Task List (in order)
– Setup and Negotiate Prime Contract with Owner by Phase
o BE SURE to include Overhead & Profit if working with an Owner
o Remember 3% transaction fee for BuildWallet collected Paid-when-Paid
– Communicate with Owner which Phases and Line Items need to be executed first
– Issue Subcontracts or RFP’s to Subcontractors for Labor and/or material
– Issue / Negotiate / Accept Subcontractor contract (w/payment milestones)
– Await Invoices from Subcontractor based on pre-arranged payment milestones
– Verify onsite & with photographs work has met milestone
– Approve invoice = Autopay (wallet-to-wallet)
– Repeat until all line items in the Phase are complete
– 100% of Phase items are complete = Submit for Phase Completion to Owner
– Once Owner approves Phase – All Overhead, Profit, and Subcontract Margin are deposited to Prime Contractor’s User Wallet
– Repeat until project is 100% Complete


– Paid by Phase for all Overhead, Profit, and Margin buy-down in Subcontracts
o Note: 3% Transaction Fee charged upon receipt (paid-when-paid)


User Guide – Subcontractor Action Set

Responsible for the Labor and/or Material as agreed to per terms in the Subcontract

Task List (in order) via phone app
1) Accept / Negotiate / Reject Subcontract offer from Prime Contractor
2) Complete RFP – Request for Proposal from Prime Contractor
3) Submit Invoices (with geo-tagged photos) on Payment Milestones
4) Submit Change Orders (with geo-tagged photos)
5) Receive Payment in User Wallet
6) Transfer money out of User Wallet to outside bank account

– Paid by submitting invoices on Payment Milestones (per contract)
– Approval from Prime Contractor = AutoPay into wallet
o Note: 3% Transaction Fee charged upon receipt (paid-when-paid)

User Role
Owner Prime Stakeholder
Lender Financial Stakeholder
Prime Contractor Prime Contractor Responsible for Prime Contract execution
Subcontractor Labor and/or Material Provider