DIY Support = Toolbox

We have an extensive library of self-help solution Articles and Videos for all Users to find answers to their questions sorted by topic.


First-Project Support Team

Our First Project Support Team is a special group of Leaders. These are Project People who know and love helping our newest Users get their footing on the platform.
When a New User signs up and goes to setup a project for the first time, our First-Project Support Team is there to come along side and assist. – Like a kid riding a bike, we hold the seat and make sure everything is “just right” before we let-go. And if you fall, we are dedicated to help you right back on the bike and go again!

Project Support Team

Our Project Support Team is made up of “Project People”. Everyone on Our Team LOVES Projects and has direct hands-on experience with what makes up a project, how they are executed, the problems and issues that can arise within a project, and how to apply the BuildWallet platform to achieve the ideal result.
You will never be transferred over-seas or to someone who knows very little about projects. Our Project Support Team prides itself on being both proficient in Projects first, then proficient in the application of the BuildWallet platform to Your Project.
We are PROJECT PEOPLE and it bleeds through!
NOTE: Since we are a Paid-When-Paid platform, we are the only Technology Platform that is motivated to keep your project moving forward because that is how WE get paid as well.