Digital Banking Platforms allow Users to transact under hard-coded protocols custom built for the specific Industry Use Case.  Providing a dependable & repeatable experience regardless of the Project or Users. 

WHAT is a Project Banking Platform?

Digital Banking Platforms are the products of Financial Technology “Fintech” Companies who build & provide Client-Facing Software & Apps for a specific Industry Use Cases.  They then partner with other Financial Service Providers & Fiduciaries for the other needed services such as User Verification (KYB/KYC), Linking External Bank Accounts, and Regulated Banks to provide the needed FDIC Insured Bank Accounts.

WHO is on the platform?

Every Platform has pre-established “Roles” which dictate the Tasks, Tools, & Access available to each User.  BuildWallet has 4 User Roles:

Lender = Financial Stakeholder

Owner = Primary Stakeholder & Decision Maker

Prime Contractor = Responsible for execution of Prime Contract

Subcontractor = Labor and/or Material Provider

WHERE is the money?

In our Banking Partner – Evolve Bank & Trust based out of Memphis Tennessee.

Every dollar in the BuildWallet system is in either a User Account or an Escrow-Wallet.  Both Accounts & Wallets are Real FBO Bank Accounts in Evolve Bank & Trust with the industry standard 250k FDIC Insurance.

Accounts & Escrow-Wallets are owned by those individuals in the project, but have strict restrictions on use & distribution under our hard-coded platform protocols.


Project’s Build Wallet – One-time use for a project. funded by the Owner and/or Lender.  Owned by the Owner but restricted to a one-way funds movement until the project is complete.

Phase Wallet – Holds the Overhead & Profit + any Subcontract Margin due to the Prime Contractor in that Phase.  Released to the Prime Contractor only upon completion of all Subcontracts & Owner’s Phase Approval.

Subcontract Wallet – Funded by the Owner from the Project’s Build Wallet.  The Subcontract Wallet is Owned by the Prime Contractor but restricted to one-way funds movement until the Phase is complete.

Milestone Wallet – Funded by the Prime Contractor based on payment terms in the Subcontract.  Owned by Subcontractor but not available until the Invoice -> Approve to Pay workflow is completed by the Prime Contractor.


User Accounts – Every User gets a lifetime Real FBO Bank Account owned by the User at Evolve Bank & Trust.  Linking to an Outside Bank Account allows anytime availability for IN/OUT ACH transfers.

WHEN does money move?

There are only 3 different speeds of transfer

    1. Depositing IN (Outside Bank to User Account) – up to 2 business days
    2. Platform Transactions – 12 SECONDS
    3. Withdrawing OUT (User Account to Outside Bank) – 60 min to 24 hrs

WHY use a project banking platform?

To Restore TRUST to Projects

TRUST that project funds can only ever be used for their intended purpose.

TRUST that payments are escrowed and awaiting release by approval

TRUST that the platform protocol will demand Financial Discipline from all participants

TRUST that platform protocol will provide a dependable & repeatable experience

HOW is this possible?

In 2021 the US Office of the Comptroller (OCC) changed the banking regulations see OCC Interpretive Letter #1174 allowing US Banks to “tokenize” funds held on deposit for movement in financial technology platforms.  Thus starting the age of Banking Platforms – all the security and safety of a bank, but now with fixed protocols and procedures built and supported for a specific Industry/Use Case.

Your Project’s Cashflow is Our Mission