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Both Juan Huerta and Jake Harris knew there had to be a better way to fund & pay for projects. With more than 3 decades of experience in the construction space, they knew it wasn’t going to be easy but they were tired of waiting. By 2019 they had a plan, a product outline, and a team for execution. Launching in April 2021 under the name “Flip Factory App”, it quickly became evident that the market needed their solution. Changing the name to “BuildWallet” in 4th Quarter 2021 to more directly communicate the product’s purpose.

BuildWallet is built and operated by Project People who know the daily operations and struggles of all aspects of a any project, from Lender to Laborer. From our office in Raleigh, NC we support projects cashflow throughout the country with care and support because we are Pro-Project!


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All funding for BuildWallet comes from Accredited Investors who see value in what we are building. None of our funding has come from Venture Capital or Angel Investors. If you are intersted in joining us or learning more about our unique investment opportunity please contact

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